About LanguageLearningPortal

LanguageLearningPortal brings transparency in language learning options internationally. It helps prospective language learners globally to find, compare, and select the right language course that matches their needs. LanguageLearningPortal offers language schools and institutes worldwide, a cost-effective way to promote their courses. It is based on StudyPortals´ winning concept, co-funded by the European Commission, and founded with thought leaders in the language education market. LanguageLearningPortal will empower millions of individuals to enhance their foreign language skills and contribute to the personal and professional growth of many.

What makes us different

LanguageLearningPortal offers prospective language learners a comprehensive and international overview of their language learning opportunities. Simultaneously, we offer language schools and institutes an effective online recruitment channel to reach out to prospective language learners globally.

  • Market leadership: LanguageLearningPortal is part of StudyPortals, Europe's most comprehensive and popular study choice website, currently expanding its activities to North America, and the Asia-pacific region.
  • Focus on student needs: We offer comprehensive information for language learners resulting in well informed prospects with high intent to register for a course.
  • 100% organic traffic: 3.3 million visits per month across all portals.
  • Global outreach - well informed international prospects with high intent to study with you
  • High level cooperation: LanguageLearningPortal is developed with input from our Executive Advisory Board, which includes executives from the following organisations: EAQUALS, European Language Council, European Observatory for Plurilingualism, Dotdashdot, AEGEE Europe, The London School of English.

LanguageLearningPortal.com is developed as part of the Hello! Project - Home of European Language Learning Opportunities. This project is funded by the European Commission as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme. This project is a high-quality initiative that informs students on how to choose a quality course within their budget and helps to understand the different quality labels and accreditations that language schools have. The Hello! Project partners are:

Benefits for language schools and institutes

Combining free participation with effective, optional marketing services. Further benefits include:

  • Industry leading conversion rates - through 100% organic traffic
  • Low effort - no data or administration efforts required
  • Minimum risk - you only pay for actual results
  • 100% compliant - in-depth school and course profiles, and advanced search and filter options
  • Global outreach - well informed international prospects with high intent to study with you
  • Advanced advertising options - optional targeted advertisement services available

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LanguageLearningPortal.com is part of StudyPortals

What's next

StudyPortals is dedicated to bring transparency to the market of language learning. Therefore, we will continue to develop additional functionalities for LanguageLearningPortal, including but not limited to:

  • Learner ratings and reviews
  • Pricing information
  • Translation of website to German, French, and Spanish
  • World map with navigation functionality
  • City and country information (and filter by city)
  • Foundation courses and their partner universities
  • Currency converter

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.