Assess Your Language Skills: Take a 5 Minute Test Right Now Start studying abroad


Assessing your language skills is useful whether you are planning to learn a new language or you intend to advance your current language skill. This is a great opportunity to find out what your language learning needs and priorities are !

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Language learning focuses on five major skills

  1. listening
  2. spoken interaction
  3. spoken production
  4. reading
  5. writing
Identify your stronger and weaker points and decide on your future language learning path.

Why you should take this language assessment test:

  • It is for free, no strings attached
  • Evaluate your level of language proficiency following the standards of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • Assess your skills for more than 40 languages available
  • Compare your expectations with your actual language skills
  • Assess your language level on five main language skills
  • Use a friendly interface
  • Complete the test in just a few minutes
  • Compare your proficiency level (six levels available) for all the languages you speak
  • Use the test result to get better search results on Language Learning Portal (you can search for courses that match your entry level)

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Why improve your language skills?

Advancing your language skills will greatly improve your chances to receive a better education by enrolling in top rated study programmes. Advanced language skills are also a great asset when working in an international company.

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