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Brighton, UK, also known as ”London by the sea”, is the ideal place for international language learners to learn British English in a relaxed atmosphere abroad. English language schools across the city provide various English learning courses, from intensive classes to specialised courses, such as business English. Enjoy Brighton’s diversity and beautiful sights make your language learning experience unforgettable, whether you’re a student or a tourist! Interested in learning English? Language schools in Brighton offer English speaking courses, conversation classes, grammar lessons, easy English courses for beginners, and so much more! The following description provides information about English language courses in Brighton, accommodation and costs in Brighton, as well as safety and weather in Brighton. Find and compare the finest English courses in Brighton and study in the best language schools in Brighton.

Learn a language in Brighton

Brighton is one of the most popular UK seaside destination for overseas tourists. With its spectacular views, Brighton is a great place to study English and enjoy conversations with the relaxed visitors and locals. In spring and summer, thousands of international students gather to attend language courses at the many accredited language schools in Brighton.

Settled on the south coast of England, Brighton has a rather small population of around 280,000 inhabitants. However, there are over 30 English language schools and centres to choose from, offering the most diverse language courses to suit your needs.

English language courses in Brighton

International language schools in Brighton are easy to attend from any part of the city. Most of them offer high standard education and accommodation, as well as various social activities that go along with English language courses. These will enhance your English language immersion and will make you confident to use your skills in daily context.

Here is a long list of types of English courses you can choose from:

  • general English,
  • English for teaching
  • English for children and teens
  • language exam preparation courses
  • university preparation
  • English for professionals (business, medicine, law, art and design, etc.).

You also have the possibility to personalise your language training, choosing from intensive classes, one-on-ones, small study groups, bilingual programmes, summer courses, on-line or blended courses (mixing on-line and in-class training).

Some language centres in Brighton support language exchange meetings where you can find a conversation partner and practice a second language with a native speaker. A few language schools organise volunteer and unpaid internship opportunities for students/young adults who wish to improve their English in a professional environment. Internships are available in fields such as business administration, fashion, IT, media, tourism and hospitality, law, engineering and more.

In the evening, you can take guided city tours with your peers or start practicing the numerous water sports held on the beaches of Brighton.

The language centres also hold courses that prepare international students to attend written and oral tests for English language certificates, such as IELTS, Cambridge, Pearson (PTE) or TOEFL, required for the university admission process. Language centres provide courses for other languages, like French, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German and more.

Most universities in Brighton offer consistent support for learning English by holding free language lectures, tutorials and classes weekly in courses accredited by the British Council and others.

Speaking English in Brighton

Many online communities in Brighton “trade” their native language knowledge in exchange for improving their communication skills with an English speaker.

The UK has a large variety of English dialects and slangs, which may be hard to understand, even for somebody familiarised with the traditional British speech. However, the Brighton accent is very similar to the version of a London accent, so it is rather closer to the Received Pronunciation (RP), which is the standard accent. The language diversity in Brighton is also enriched by different, specific accents from international English-speaking tourists and students. Language schools in Brighton offer courses in standard British English.

Additional activities

You can enjoy numerous cultural, social and sporting activities offered by language schools in addition to English lessons. In addition to language classes, you can take guided city tours or start practicing the numerous water sports held on the beaches of Brighton. You can visit the Royal Pavilion, Kemp Town, Brighton Toy and Model Museum, Hove, Brighton Pier, the Devil's Dyke, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery or even make a trip to London.

For outdoors activities, you can try bike tours and a variety of water sports (wake boarding, kayaking, scuba diving, windsurfing, etc.).

English language schools organise nights out in bars and clubs, encouraging you to practice your language skills in a relaxed setting.

Accommodation and living costs

Brighton is a relatively expensive city to live in and travel to. Prices for food, accommodation, transportation and leisure activities can get higher than in other cities in the UK. You should expect your living expenses in Brighton to raise at around 700 GBP/month.

For your language and travel experience in Brighton, you can consider various accommodation. Some language schools offer language learners the option for a homestay with a local English host families. The price varies depending on your arrangements with the school/hosts. If you plan to stay longer, you can also consider renting a studio flat or sharing a house with other language learners.

A meal in an inexpensive restaurant in Brighton can cost you on average 12 GBP while your monthly food shopping can cost between 80-100 GBP.

Student safety

Brighton is a relatively safe town for international students. For instance, Brighton has a lower criminal rate than Cambridge and Oxford, UK. However, during your studies there you should take the normal measure of precautions, such as avoiding to walk alone at night. If you cannot walk home with a group, try to go on well-lit, busy streets or take safe modes of transport (buses and licensed taxis).


The city of Brighton has a pleasant, temperate climate, which is slightly warmer than the rest of the United Kingdom. There are early springs, warm summers and generally mild winters. The maximum temperature in summer can reach 23°C (73°F) while in the winter (January) temperature can drop to 3°C (37°F).

Language Courses in Brighton

Winter Young Learners
Loxdale English Centre: Brighton
  • Language English
  • Type General
  • Intensity 15 hrs/wk
  • Entry level A1 – C2

This popular International Winter Young Learner course is perfect for teens aged between 13 and 17 years old. 12 year olds are able to join the course if their parents will allow them to walk to and from school on their own.

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English for the Future
Bede’s Summer School: Brighton
  • Language English
  • Type Junior
  • Intensity 25 hrs/wk
  • Entry level A2 – C2

This intensive course with 25 hours of lessons per week is designed to give students effective strategies for communication in a variety of professional contexts and includes English Skills, Communication Skills and Professional Skills. This English for the Future course is offered by Bede’s Summer School.

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Classic Course
Stafford House International: Brighton
  • Language English
  • Type General
  • Intensity 15 hrs/wk
  • Entry level A1 – C1

This Classic Course is offered by Stafford House Study Holydays and includes a full programme of English tuition, supervised excursions, sports and on-site activities such as arts and crafts, drama and music.

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