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Choose a suitable language course in an English language school in Bray, known as the Gateway to the Garden of Ireland, and the longest established seaside town in the country. As you will learn English in accredited English language schools in Bray, you will get in touch with the authentic Irish culture and spirit!

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Are you planning to learn English? Many language schools in Bray offer English speaking courses, conversation classes, grammar lessons, easy English courses for beginners, and many other language training courses that can be tailored to almost every demand and level! Find out why Bray is a great city for English language learners from all over the world. Read top facts about the benefits of taking English language courses in Bray, also considering the best accommodation options and the living costs in Bray. Don’t miss out on important safety tips and information about the weather, either. Find and compare the best English programs in Bray to start studying at one of the top language schools in Ireland.

Bray, also known as “the Garden of Ireland”, is a seaside resort in Ireland that offers learners a relaxed and friendly environment for improving their Irish and English skills. Here, you can prepare for IELTS or even advance your language in top quality summer schools.
Learn English in a seaside town, and a popular seaside resort, hosting Irish and international productions for film, television and advertising. Live in a place with numerous hotels and guesthouses, shops, restaurants and evening entertainment, and regular high-profile festivals.

Bray is a town in north County Wicklow, Ireland, situated south of Dublin on the east coast. The town straddles the Dublin-Wicklow border, with a portion of the northern suburbs situated in County Dublin.

English language courses in Bray
In Bray, language learners can find several training centres and English language schools that provide relevant courses for international learners. Some English language schools offer a certification after the completion of the course that often include a teacher’s report, that can be used for educational credits.
These are the type of English courses you can sign up for in language schools: general and intensive, teacher training, summer school (mostly for teenagers), individual tuition from beginner to advanced, academic year, work experience (work placement courses – for learners who want to acquire English skills in a practical context, learning a specific vocabulary in a certain domain).

In Bray the major economic sectors are: information technology, pharmaceuticals, health care and services and retail.

Future students who plan to enrol in an English speaking and teaching academic environment can apply for IELTS, FCE, CAE, TOEIC, TIE, Trinity ESOL exam preparation courses.

Take a business English language course to get insight into industry relevant English terms you will need for your business career advancement in English-speaking companies worldwide.

Students can also choose a demi pair programme where they can live for free with an Irish family, attend a general English course in the mornings and assists in the family home in the afternoons and evenings.

Other foreign languages you can learn in schools are: Irish Gaelic, French, Spanish, or with the help of a private tutor in Bray, you can learn Italian or German.

Speaking English in Bray
Both English and Irish are widely spoken in Bray. The locals use an east coast Irish English dialect. Letters “t” and “d” are pronounced “ay”, and the “r” at the end of some words is omitted. As Bray hosts a number of minorities, you can also encounter and communicate with people coming from India, South Africa, Australia or Kenya.
Due to the close proximity to Dublin, you have the chance to immerse in the English language in this larger multicultural city, where you can speak Irish and English and hear many foreign accents.
Additional activities
Learning English or any language should always include a fun activity. Check with your language school and register for the cultural and sport activities it offers in addition to teaching classes. In most cases, these activities are city sightseeing and visiting main attractions in the surrounding area.

Major attractions in Bray include:

  • Bray Head – a mile-long walk along the coast
  • Kilruddery House – on the Southern Cross Road, off the Greystones Road, has been the home of the Earls of Meath
  • Bray harbour – a wildlife reserve where you can see dozens of Swans and Chinese geese
  • Festina Lente garden
  • Glenadalough
  • Wicklow Gaol
  • Powerscourt Gardens and Waterfall
  • The National Sea Life Centre
Just outside Bray you can visit James Joyce house or attend one of the numerous festivals Bray hosts all year round, like St. Patrick's Day or jazz festivals, and a series of live music events.
If you are more into sports, in Bray you can practice tennis, golf, fishing, horse riding or watch some cool sport events.
Bray has many restaurants and evening entertainment venues. As part of your English language programme, language schools set nights out in bars, pubs and other places that you can relax and practice your language skills in a friendlier environment.
Accommodation and living costs
Bray is not quite an expensive city to live in. In general, you would have to carefully plan your budget. The estimate cost for your monthly expenses would lead to around 1,300 EUR/month for all expenditures (accommodation, food bills, going and eating out, public transportation).

The accommodation options available in Bray:

  1. Private apartment – you can rent a private apartment, with the price for rent ranging from 1,250 to 1,550 EUR/month for a two bedroom apartment, depending on location and facilities.
  2. Home stay – if you choose to live with a host family, this could even be a teacher’s home, you will fully immerse in English and the Irish family style. Rates are around 1,000 EUR/month, usually with one meal/day included in the price.
  3. Hostel – this type of accommodation is widely preferred, especially for s short stay. Rates start from 36 EUR/night for a private, single room.
Bray has a moderate crime rate, but significantly lower over the last years despite the city’s bad reputation. You would have to take the minimum measures of precautions you would in any city and that is to avoid suburban areas and not to travel alone after dark. The major risks you would face in Bray are robberies and thefts so always keep an eye on your belongings, specifically when you are in crowded areas.
Bray has a significant amount of rainfall during the year, even in the driest month of April. The wettest month is November. The warmest month of the year is July, with an average temperature of 17.6 °C (63.7° F). January has the lowest average temperature of the year, with 2.0 °C (35.6° F).

Language Courses in Bray

ATC Language School: Bray
  • Language English
  • Type Exam Preparation
  • Intensity Not specified
  • Entry level Not specified

The TOEIC exam is available every month at ATC or on demand for groups. The fee covers the examination fee plus administration and certificate.

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Cambridge Exam PET
Trinity Academy of Languages: Bray
  • Language English
  • Type Exam Preparation
  • Intensity 20 hrs/wk
  • Entry level Not specified

PET is the next level up after the KET Cambridge Preliminary (PET) qualification shows that you have mastered the basics of English and now have practical language skills for everyday use.

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