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Oxford, England is one of the most suitable places in the UK to develop the British English accent. Oxford is the city host of the oldest English-speaking university and one of UK’s centre for Standard English pronunciation. Learn English in Oxford and you will find plenty of quality English language schools to choose from, as well as many opportunities to develop your language and personal skills. Interested in learning English? Language schools in Oxford offer English speaking courses, conversation classes, grammar lessons, easy English courses for beginners, and so much more! The following description provides information about English language courses in Oxford, accommodation and costs in Oxford, as well as safety and weather in Oxford. Find and compare the finest English courses in Oxford and study in the best language schools in Oxford.

Learn a language in Oxford

The city of Oxford in the United Kingdom is an excellent mix of high-quality English language schools, international atmosphere and charming city life. Learning in Oxford, England gives you the perfect opportunity to speak English with a standard British accent. You will meet people from all over the world and you will make your English language learning experience unforgettable.

Oxford is a city in the South East region of Great Britain, in the county of Oxfordshire. Historically, Oxford was an important port on the River Thames and now hosts a population of over 150,000 inhabitants. Over 9.3 million tourists who visit the city each year.

English language courses in Oxford
Language learners worldwide come to learn English in Oxford, in the most prestigious language centres in the UK. You will find many accredited English language schools in the city, which allow international learners to socialise with English native speakers. Small group classes and one-to-one private lessons create a stimulating learning environment and you will feel highly motivated to learn English in Oxford.
English language schools in Oxford offer a wide range of courses, depending on the language level and purposes of students. Here is a list of some of the most common English language courses taught in Oxford:
  • General English for everyday use (standard or intensive hours)
  • Combination courses (small group lessons mixed with individual and customizable sessions)
  • Business English
  • One-to-one tuition
  • English exam preparation courses (for IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge exams)
  • English with a specialisation (international relations, law, international business management, architecture, etc.)
  • Fluency and pronunciation courses

Should you be interested in a job or business opening in Oxford, major local industries that sustain the city’s economy are motor manufacturing, education, bioscience and publishing, as well as information technology and science-based businesses.

International students looking to improve their English speaking for academic purposes are generally interested in English courses with academic subjects, university foundation courses or English for examination study programmes. There are many IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation courses available accredited by British Council.

Demographic studies showed that after English, the most commonly used languages in Oxford are Polish and Chinese, followed by French, Portuguese and Spanish. You will be able to study yourself other foreign languages in Oxford, with the most popular being Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Speaking English in Oxford
The accent in Oxford is very similar to the upper-class speech you will find in London and Cambridge, and some other parts of southern England. The “Oxford accent” is a synonym for the Received Pronunciation (RP) or the “BBC English”, which is the typical Brit accent best known to people outside the UK. It is relatively easy to understand and you can listen to it on the public radio and on TV channels.
As a city mainly made up of students you will have plenty of opportunities to practice proper English with other foreign language learner, tourists and native speakers.
Additional activities
International language learners have the possibility to live with a host family (homestay) in Oxford and many English language schools take care of this kind of accommodation. This will allow you to speak English on a daily basis and accommodate faster with the British culture.

English language schools in Oxford provide various outdoors, cultural and social activities to help language learners make a good use of their time. These activities include:

  • Excursions to other cities in the UK, close to Oxford
  • Organised sports (tennis, swimming, golf and cycling tours)
  • Visits to museums, cinemas, theatres and concerts
  • Nights out in pubs and clubs
Oxford is filled with many different museums of natural history, science, books and world history, as well as with beautiful gardens and memorable buildings. Famous places to visit in Oxford include Blenheim Palace, Broughton Castle, Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens, the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum, Pitt Rivers Museum, the Covered Market, Waddesdon Manor, Christ Church Meadow, University of Oxford or Magdalen College.
Accommodation and living costs

In Oxford, the prices for accommodation prices are relatively high, but the living costs are cheaper. You will need an average monthly budget of at least 900 GBP, to include accommodation, transport, travel, food and going out. However, the living expenses vary significantly depending on your lifestyle.

You have a great deal of accommodation options to choose from. Your language school can deal with this part for you and include the price of accommodation in the cost of the language programme. You can go for hotels, hostels, homestays, renting a studio flat or sharing a house with other language learners. Prices for accommodation depend mostly on the location of the residence.

You will need around 200-250 GBP/month for food expenses and the monthly transportation pass costs 50 GBP. Having a meal in an average restaurant will cost you around 10-12 GBP.

Crime in Oxford is not particularly high. You are advised to take the reasonable precautions that you would consider when going in any foreign country. When walking around the city, especially in the first days or weeks of your arrival, try to walk in groups. Keep your personal belongings out of display and carry only enough cash to cover what you need to buy that day.
In common with most of southern England, the weather in Oxford is generally cloudy and wet. Summers are usually mild to warm, reaching average temperatures of 16 °C (61°F). July is the hottest month (average temperature of 20°C (60°F), hile October is the wettest. Winters in Oxford are mild, the coldest month being January with an average temperature of around 3.5°C (38°F).

Language Courses in Oxford

Intensive Academic Year
Kaplan International English: Oxford
  • Language English
  • Type General
  • Intensity 27 hrs/wk
  • Entry level A1 – C1

The Intensive Academic Year courses are 9 month English courses that will improve your English fluency to the highest level, with more lessons than our general English Academic Year course. As well as learning important general English, you can choose to study specific sections of vocabulary and skills, such as Business English and exam preparation. This course is offered by Kaplan International English.

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Oil and Gas English
Oxford English Centre: Oxford
  • Language English
  • Type Other
  • Intensity 23 hrs/wk
  • Entry level B1

The Energy and Oil and Gas industries form a key market sector in today’s globalised economy. English is the international language of co-operation throughout large parts of the sector. This Oil and Gas English course is offered by the Oxford English Centre.

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