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The city of lights and romance, Paris is one of the most attractive destinations for international language learners. Learn French in Paris and choose from top French language schools, offering a great variety of language courses and French cultural immersion programmes. Practice your French speaking in Paris, while walking down the Seine, visiting the Eiffel Tower, or enjoying your brunch in a café across the Latin Quarter. Interested in learning French? Language schools in Paris offer French speaking courses, conversation classes, grammar lessons, easy French courses for beginners, and so much more! The following description provides information about French language courses in Paris, accommodation and costs in Paris, as well as safety and weather in Paris. Find and compare the finest French courses in Paris and study in the best language schools in Paris.

Learn a language in Paris

The capital of France, Paris, will provide you an excellent environment to learn French and practice it with native speakers. International French language schools in Paris provide an extensive range of French courses, from intensive language courses, to French for business and academic purposes, mixed with city tours and other activities. Learn French in Paris for an unforgettable language learning experience!

Situated on the Seine River, in the north of France, Paris has a population of 2.25 million and it is one of the most visited places worldwide, with over 32 million tourists each year.

French language courses in Paris

There is a great variety of French language schools and cultural centres in Paris, where foreigners can learn French, practice their conversation skills and writing abilities, or learn more about the timeless, fascinating French culture. Depending on your language level and learning goals, you can take general French language courses, French courses for specific purposes, or individual French lessons (private tuition).

Special French language courses include French courses for teachers, courses for Au Pair (living with a French family), French for tourism, French and cooking, French and wine, French and fashion, as well as French courses mixed with cultural seminars (with guided visits through Paris) and other activities.

Business French is a popular choice among language learners. Paris hosts Europe’s largest business district, called La Défense, and its economy is dominated by the service industries (finance, IT, etc.), followed by the manufacturing sectors in high-tech electronics, optics, aerospace and automobiles.

International students can attend Academic French courses that include exam preparation for French language certificates, such as DELF, DALF or TEF, and university preparation programmes, which equip students with strong language skills in order to pursue a French-taught degree at universities in Paris.

In Paris, you can also study other languages, the most popular being German, Spanish, Italian and Russian, and chances are you will find international visitors to practice your skills with.

Speaking French in Paris

In Paris, you have the opportunity to build you conversation skills with native speakers, as locals will be happy to talk to you in French. Parisians consider a sign of common courtesy for tourists to learn greetings and everyday expressions in French, such as “Bonjour!”, “Merci” or “S’il vous plait”.

Your French might not be as good at the beginning, but locals will still appreciate your effort and will encourage you further or switch to English. The common prejudice that Parisians cannot speak or refuse to speak English is exaggerated, especially when it comes to younger population and tourist areas.

Additional activities

Many French-language schools and centres in Paris combine French language courses with various other activities, like sightseeing trips, excursions, parties, shopping, sports (fitness, golf, tennis, yoga, etc).

Alternative ways to build your French knowledge include the Franglish community, which arranges meet-ups at cafés throughout Paris. The organisers pair you up with a native French speaker and you talk in French for seven minutes, then English for seven minutes, and then you rotate to another table with a new conversation partner.

The city of Paris is surely a great place to acquire many fine memories and some of the most diverse experiences while learning French. Here are a few things to do in Paris, even on a low budget:

  • Wander down the Seine and around Canal Saint Martin.
  • Sip a coffee at Café Procope (the oldest restaurant in Paris, opened since 1686).
  • Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral for free, climb its tower and touch a gargoyle.
  • Make the most of the free first Sundays and visit the Louvre or Musée d'Orsay.
  • Cast an eye at the Love Wall, where "I Love You" is scrawled in hundreds of different languages.
  • Visit for free the working studio of the revolutionary sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

Other important tourist attractions in Paris include: Centre Georges Pompidou, the Eiffel Tower, Hôtel de Ville, Musée de l'Orangerie, Musée Rodin, Carnavalet Museum, L'Opera Garnier, Maisons de Victor Hugo, the Promenade Plantée, Montparnasse Cemetery, and Jardin du Luxembourg, among many others.

Accommodation and living costs

Paris does have a reputation for being a pricey place to live in. You will need an average budget of 900-1,000 EUR per month to cover all your living expenses.

Monthly housing prices vary a lot, depending on the accommodation type, location and facilities offered; rent is typically lower in the metropolitan area of Paris. With courses au pair you will improve your French by having French lessons and by living with a French family. Students like to combine French learning with babysitting, and earning some extra money. Another homestay option is to live with a French teacher and take individual lessons.

Other accommodation options include colocation (renting an apartment or a house with other language learners), hostels, or student residences (for foreign students).

The monthly food budget will take you at around 250 EUR/month while the monthly Paris transport pass ranges from approx. 65 EUR (Paris proper) to 115 EUR (Paris plus suburbs). A meal in a neighbourhood café or restaurant will cost you around 10-20 EUR.


Paris is generally a safe city, within average crime rates similar to other large cities. The centre and most tourist areas of Paris are very lively and vibrant at day or night, so you will not feel lost or alone there. Crowded locations, metros and buses are places where you should be more alert about your personal belongings. Scamming can happen relatively often in the capital, and you are advised to avoid walking alone at night the areas around metro Les Halles, Chatelet, Gare du Nord and Stalingrad.


From June to September, Paris enjoys pleasant average temperatures of 20°C (68°F). July is the warmest month while December is the coldest, when average temperatures can drop to 5°C (41°F).@

Language Courses in Paris

Semester program - Evening courses of French
ILCF- Institut de Langue et de Culture Francaises: Paris
  • Language French
  • Type Other
  • Intensity 4 hrs/wk
  • Entry level A1 – C2

With the evening classes (Tuesday and Thursday 7-9pm), you can improve your French while working during the daytime.The language teachers will fit their courses to your specific needs in oral and written French.These classes are designed for people working or studying during the day and who wish to improve their French. Please note that enrolling in this course does not grant a long-stay visa.

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Business French
Eurocentres: Paris
  • Language French
  • Type Business
  • Intensity 25 hrs/wk
  • Entry level B1 – B2

Attendance at one of the Eurocentres specialist business French courses ensures you master the perfect instrument to play in today’s competitive business world. You will improve your French communication skills for meetings, negotiations, presentations, telephone discussions, and for writing emails, letters and reports. This Business French course is offered by Eurocentres.

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Academic Programme at Paris
LINES: Paris
  • Language French
  • Type Other
  • Intensity 24 hrs/wk
  • Entry level A1 – C2

The concept is “Immersion in French at all times.” This means that the students have to speak French at all times, during classes, but also during meals, activities … lessons are highly intensive, but fun!

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