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Find your desired English or French language course abroad in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, as offerings of the local accredited language schools cover a wide palette of courses. Whether you want to learn English or French, you will immerse in the language in Ottawa, a bilingual city. Enjoy the multicultural and welcoming atmosphere of Ottawa and learn more about the Canadian historical heritage.

Learn a language in Ottawa

Are you planning to learn English or French? Many language schools in Ottawa offer English and French speaking courses, conversation classes, grammar lessons, easy English and French courses for beginners, and many other language training courses that can be tailored to almost every demand and level! Find out why Ottawa is a great city for English and French language learners from all over the world.

Read top facts about the benefits of taking English and French language courses in Ottawa, also considering the best accommodation options and the living costs in Ottawa. Don’t miss out on important safety tips and information about the weather, either. Find and compare the best English and French programs in Ottawa to start studying at one of the top language schools in Canada.

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is a great location for learning at least one of the two official and used languages here: English and French. For both languages, schools deliver English and French courses for all levels (from beginner to advanced level) and goals (conversation, for profession, for business). Immerse in the Canadian culture and practice speaking English or French, or both, with native speakers.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, lying on the south bank of the Ottawa River in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario. Ottawa borders Gatineau and Quebec cities.

English and French language courses in Ottawa
Most language schools in Ottawa offer English language courses, but you can also find several centres where you can learn French. Types of English language training courses include: full-time and part-time immersion programmes at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, teacher training, courses for children.

In general dedicated to future university applicants, you can apply to TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS preparation courses and English for academic purposes. Future students interested in enrolling for French-taught university courses can select the TEF, TCF, DELF and DALF exam programmes. In Ottawa, universities accept TOEFL, IELTS and PTE for the English language requirements and DALF, DELF, TEF, TCF and TESTCan for the French language requirements.

Advanced English learners can sign up for professional English, preparing them for the English vocabulary of a future career (law, engineering, communication), business English, or business French. Language learners that are interested in a work or business opportunity in Ottawa, better consider the city’s major industries, like: public services, high technology (telecommunications, software development), health care, finance, administration and sales.

For learning French, you can choose from the following courses: French as a second language for all levels, courses for children, government language training (prepares learners, particularly immigrants, for the language evaluation of the government of Canada), TFI programmes (Test de Français International).

Other languages you can learn in language schools in Ottawa are: Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic and more.

Speaking English and French in Ottawa
Ottawa is a bilingual city, with Canadian English and Canadian French equally spoken and used by locals. As a quite multicultural city, Ottawa is home to several minorities. Languages other than English and French as mother tongue include Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and many others. Thus, Ottawa not only offers you the possibility of equally learning or improving skills for the two official languages, but it provides a cosmopolitan environment that might make you learn other languages as well, at least at conversational level.
Additional activities
Ottawa is Canada’s cultural and historical hub, where you can visit many museums but you can also find plenty of entertainment spots. Enjoy numerous other activities provided by your language school, mainly including trips in the city, visiting the important landmarks.
Major attractions in Ottawa include:
  • The National Gallery of Canada
  • Notre Dame Basilica
  • Peace Tower
  • The Canadian War Museum
  • The Canada Aviation and Space Museum
  • The Rideau Canal – a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The Parliament Buildings
Have a lovely experience and see a play at the Ottawa Little Theatre or wander around in the ByWard public market where numerous artisans, farmers and craft merchants expose their special merchandise all year round.

Attend numerous sport events, related to hockey, football, soccer, basketball and baseball or practice some of these yourself.

While in Ottawa, join the numerous festivals or celebrations, like Winterlude, Bluesfest, Canadian Tulip Festival and many more.

Nightlife is pretty vibrant and diverse, you can find countless bars and lounges, especially in “the Market” area, and also plenty and diverse restaurants where you can taste international cuisine dishes. You can check out the entertainment venues along with your teacher and language peers and practice more speaking in English, French or both.

Whenever you feel like seeing other places in Canada, Montreal is the closest option, around two hours away by train or by car.

Accommodation and living costs
Ottawa is a somewhat expensive city. You will need to prepare a minimum budget between 1,000 and 1,100 CAD/month to cover all your expenses (accommodation, food bills, social activities and public transportation).

The main housing options in Ottawa:

  • Student residence halls –around 550 CAD/month.
  • Rent an apartment- a one or two bedroom apartment rates between 600 and 700 CAD/month.
  • Home stay – 725 CAD/month with full board included.
  • Hostel – rates are around 32 CAD/night.
Lunch or dinner in a budget restaurant would cost you between 9 and 15 CAD. You would spend around 250 CAD/month for the food bills from the local supermarkets. A student bus pass is around 80 CAD/month.
Ottawa is among Canada’s safest cities. You would have to take the normal measures of precaution like in any other city. Try not to travel alone at night and mainly avoid Vanier, Barrhaven, Bayshore regions. In order to protect yourself from robberies, always watch carefully your belongings, especially in crowded areas.
In Ottawa, summers are warm and humid and winters are pretty cold. Daytime temperatures during summer record 30 °C (86 °F) or higher. Snow and ice are dominant during the winter season, receiving high amounts of snow annually, with average high temperatures between -2 °C (28 °F) and – 5 °C (21 °F). Spring and fall seasons have a variable weather, with unpredictable swings.

Language Courses in Ottawa

English for Diplomats Certificate Program
Canada Language Learning Center: Ottawa
  • Language English
  • Type Business
  • Intensity 25 hrs/wk
  • Entry level A1 – C2

This unique course is for foreign national business professionals such as diplomats, embassy officials, ambassadors, and government employees who would like to increase their English language fluency, skills, and confidence. The program is dynamic and inclusive and participants are expected to engage fully.

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IELTS Exam Preparation
Canada Language Learning Center: Ottawa
  • Language English
  • Type Exam Preparation
  • Intensity 25 hrs/wk
  • Entry level B2 – C2

The full and part-time IELTS exam preparation courses are designed to give you the skills, techniques and knowledge you need to exceed your exam goals. CLLC teachers focus in-depth on the modules of the IELTS exam to make sure you know what to expect when taking an IELTS test. You need to be in the Level 5 General English to enroll in this class.

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Final 45
Canada Language Learning Center: Ottawa
  • Language English
  • Type Other
  • Intensity 25 hrs/wk
  • Entry level A1 – C2

Final 45 ™ is a CLLC trademarked program designed to give you the chance to customize your own learning. Will the Final 45 you’re empowered to tailor your academic needs and interests into an individualized learning plan. Each Final 45 ™ topic is two weeks in length, so you get the chance to study many different topics during your study period.

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University Pathway Program
Canada Language Learning Center: Ottawa
  • Language English
  • Type General
  • Intensity 25 hrs/wk
  • Entry level A1 – C2

The University Pathway Program (UPP) ensures you are well prepared for university life in Canada. This academic based program focuses on time management, note taking, exam preparation, academic presentations and essay writing. If you complete the UPP in any of our three cities you can continue onto one of the partner universities or colleges without writing an English language proficiency exam.

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