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Shanghai is one of the most representative cities of China and a successful blend of Asian traditions and Western modernity. This influential hot-spot is the place where you will always find something to explore and new sides of the Chinese culture. Enrol in the best Chinese language school and decipher this city’s mysteries! Learn Chinese in a modern and high-standard environment!

Learn a language in Shanghai

Are you planning to learn Chinese? Many language schools in Shanghai offer Chinese speaking courses, conversation classes, grammar lessons, easy Chinese courses for beginners, and many other language training courses that can be tailored to almost every demand and level! Find out why Shanghai is a great city for Chinese language learners from all over the world.

Read top facts about the benefits of taking Chinese language courses in Shanghai, also considering the best accommodation options and the living costs in Shanghai. Don’t miss out on important safety tips and information about the weather, either. Find and compare the best Chinese programs in Shanghai to start studying at one of the top language schools in China.

Shanghai defeated it limits when it became an international city and an economic, cultural and technology centre of China and started to impress through skyscrapers and landscapes, modern structures and luxury. On a deeper view, however, you will notice Asian tradition, spirituality and mysticism blending and finding their spot in modern world.

The city became the “Pearl of the Orient” and “Paris of the East”, offering the indoor and outdoor beauties that only a place “on the sea” can provide. This is the English translation of Shanghai’s name, the city situated between Yangtze River Delta and Hanzhou Bay and bisected by Hangpu man-made river.

Shanghai’s roots as a modest fishing village may still be visible in the old town and in traditions that complete the modern aspect of the structures. Various architecture styles, unique shikumen residences and historical temples attract visitors as much as the skyscrapers and parks.
Enrol in a Chinese language school in Shanghai and learn first-hand about this international metropolis with a multicultural flair!

Chinese language courses in Shanghai
If you want a better understanding of Shanghai, you may enrol in a Chinese language school and discover a fascinating language that is internationally used. Language training courses are available in schools located in many areas of Shanghai and modern campuses always impress those who wish to learn Chinese.

Courses may last from two weeks to one year or even longer and may be taken in small groups or in one-to-one tuition, with a tailored study plan. The courses, however, may be combined. A Chinese learning programme may start all year round and addresses all levels of knowledge. Lecturers have academic achievements and may teach intensive or traditional Chinese language programmes, during daytime or in evenings.

The corporate and Business Chinese learning programme offer is also included in school’s catalogues or, if you just wish to learn a bit of the vocabulary, grammar and Chinese speaking, you can enrol in a survival course. Some language immersion programmes even include work experience or are taught based on an executive manner.

In Shanghai you may also enrol in a language course abroad for English.

Speaking Chinese in Shanghai
In Shanghai, you will mostly hear Shanghainese, a dialect of Wu Chinese and a distinct branch of the official national Standard Mandarin. Mandarin, however, is commonly used, since a significant amount of the population is made of immigrants.

Most of the locals also know English, so when you have trouble with the alphabet or are unsure of some of your language learning strategies, you can always ask a Shanghai resident and he or she will gladly help.

Since Chinese is based on special characters, you are advised to own a conversation guide or a dictionary, in order to avoid getting lost or confusing street signs.

Additional activities
Shanghai has an active and agitated city life, that helps you experience the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, in one place. As spectacular as it is, Shanghai earned is fame as the place where you can live “the American Dream à la Chinoise”, as a reporter described it. You can learn to speak Chinese while you also get bits of the local history and culture.

Having over 150 parks, Shanghai has a culture of outdoor entertainment, that is also generous in city landscapes. Jessfield Park, Shanghai Botanical Garden and Xujiahui are some of the parks that often impress visitors. The city also has a low air pollution level in comparison to other locations in China and walking around and admiring the 20-century, Soviet, Stalinist and other styles of architecture, along with modern and eccentric structures, is most of the time a pleasure.

Shanghai is known for its influence upon the cyberpunk culture, visible on buildings such as the Oriental Pearl Tower or the Yanán Elevated Road. Some of the most famous local museums are Shanghai Museum, the China Art Museum, the Power Station of Art or the National History Museum.
Nightlife of Shanghai is visible in clubs, concert halls, thematic bars and other locals.

You can also enjoy a holiday while you learn Chinese with programmes that include weekend activities or city tours.

Accommodation and living costs
Shanghai is a balanced city, that requires living costs of 600 – 780 EUR/month. Quality of services and life are reflected in some of the regular expenses. Language learners can take advantage of the accommodation possibilities in single-room shared apartments, private studios or private rental apartments or in homestays with a local family.

Extra expenses may include a basic utilities invoice of 60 EUR/month and a transport pass of 30 EUR/month.

For its status, Shanghai is a safe city and you should walk around risk-free almost everywhere, during day time or night time. However, you are advised to avoid talking to strangers.
Shanghai’s climate focuses on for seasons, with chilly and windy winters, hot summers with thunderstorms and typhoons and comfortable springs or autumns. Average temperatures are of 1.2°C (39.6°F) in January and 27.9°C (82.2°F) in July.

Language Courses in Shanghai