The London School of English: Business English 20 - 30

London - Holland Park Gardens Business English Course in London: high-quality English training for professionals aged 20-30. Business English course 20-30 prepares you to confidently speak and use business English in your career. It gives you the practical skills to be successful in communicating in English at work. You will learn from The London School of English's highly qualified and experienced teachers in a professional and friendly environment. You can also check alternative courses
Price level
Not specified
Max group size
Duration (wks)
1 – 8
Intensity (hrs/wk)
Entry level
B1 – C2
Start date
Not specified

This business English course is for you if you are at a fairly early stage in your business career; studying business; preparing for an MBA or getting ready for a new job.

The school regularly has course participants from top international companies and you will be able to practice speaking English with business professionals studying at the school.

This business English course is designed for professionals who need to use business English confidently for their career, business studies or work.

If you have some business experience prior to starting the course it is certainly useful, but not essential.

If you have a lot of business experience already or are above 30 years old, the school recommends other business English courses at The London School of English.

Course content

The areas that you can expect to cover during a typical course

The following areas provide the framework for the Business English 20 - 30 course:

  • Business English conversations in a variety of practical situations
  • Business English vocabulary, useful business terms and expressions
  • Business English writing exercises
  • Practice speaking English in business meetings and negotiations
  • Hands-on practice business telephone conversations
  • Practicing business presentations (including describing graphs, figures and trends)
  • Speaking English effectively in employment situations (i.e. job interviews)
  • Talking about products, services, marketing and finance

You would practice the following communication strategies:

  • making proposals, offers, suggestions
  • agreeing and disagreeing
  • asking appropriate questions
  • clarifying and confirming
  • summarising
  • challenging/defending an opinion
  • persuading and compromising

You would also practice English for social situations, for example business networking and talking with people informally in social situations.

What you can expect to achieve from your course

As a result of the Business English course you can expect to:

  • communicate in business English more confidently
  • participate in business meetings more successfully
  • enhance your business English vocabulary
  • improve your listening comprehension
  • improve your understanding of English grammar
  • improve your written English including emails
  • be able to network successfully in English in informal social situations with your business colleagues and counterparts
Course Details
  • Course level: Levels 4 - 8 on the school's level scale
  • Course length: 1 - 8 weeks
  • Age: 20 - 30
  • Average age: 24
  • Group size: Maximum 10
  • Hours per week: 24 hours per week (24 x 60 minutes) 09.30 - 16.00 Monday - Friday
  • £525/week (24 hours group per week)
  • There will be a supplement of £40 per week on courses running from 3 July - 25 August.
Course Dates 2017
  • Any Monday

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