EF Education First: Paris

EF Education First
Study French in Paris and soak up the very best art, fashion and culture this fabled capital city has to offer. For more information check the school website.

What better place to study French than in Paris? There’s something magical about this city that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. The language school is situated a little north of the fashionable Marais district, in the Les Grands Boulevards area. All of Paris awaits you from this location. After class, make the short walk to the Louvre’s and see the Mona Lisa. Go shopping at the famous Galeries Lafayette, or enjoy the simple pleasure of a lunchtime crepe eaten in the shadow of the Opera’s golden statues.

In addition to language courses, the school offers special interest classes in French cooking. Students will also have the opportunity to gain international working experience, through an internship program. French courses focus on conversational skills, and immersion in the local culture is central to student success. We want students to be able to confidently venture out into la capitale without their pocket dictionaries in tow.

The City of Light

There’s a reason why Paris attracts more tourists than any city in the world – there is so much to see. The arts permeate everything here - from the masterpieces which adorn museums walls to the jazz quartets which serenade commuters in the Metro. The city’s architecture is also spectacular, blending impressive monuments amidst an elegant uniformity. Parisians themselves are a sight to behold - arguably the most fashionable residents in the world.

All the romantic clichés you’ve heard about the City of Light are true. The charming corners of the city as well as the iconic monuments will soon become familiar territory for students in Paris. You can hone your language skills with locals in a sidewalk café. Grab a bottle of wine and picnic on the docks of the River Seine. Learn that the pain au chocolat actually do melt in your mouth. Search for hidden treasures in one of the city’s many flea markets. Life moves at its own pace here, but you’ll soon learn to keep track of it by turning your gaze towards the Eiffel tower, whose sparkling lights seem to change with the hours.

School highlights

  • School ideally located in the trendy 9th arrondissement
  • Updated interior boasts the latest technology
  • French cooking classes in a professional, high-tech kitchen
  • Excursions to Châteaux de la Loire, Disneyland Paris, Versailles, Nice and Bretagne
  • Public transportation to major attractions including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Sacré cœur and Arc de Triomphe
  • Close to shops, cafés, museums and theaters


Whether you’re making crepes with a local family or living at EF’s residence in the Les Grands Boulevards District, you’ll soon feel at home in Paris. Both are excellent choices which will afford you an experience of local life.


The City of Lights is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and atmospheric cities in the world. It would take years to see all that it has to offer. EF’s onsite activities coordinators will help you cram as much as possible into your stay regardless of how long you have to spend.


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